Flamenco Dance Miami - Celia Fonta - Paco Fonta -Private Lessons and Performance

V Festival de Cante Flamenco en Miami 2010

March 21st-27th


Martinete; Jose Barrios, M. Palacin, Paco Fonta

Caña; Luis Vargas, Paco Fonta

Taranto-Tango; Luis Vargas, Paco Fonta




Friday & Saturday,
March 26th,27th

Fragua, Cante Puro
This traditional flamenco festival brings together great masters along with rising young stars, directly from Spain. The deepest feeling of flamenco song unites with the intricate fury of dance in a unique concert that will exhilarate and delight both young and old. The audience will be swept away as they experience the sound and color of flamenco.

Featuring Guest Artists From Spain
Singer, Manuel Palacin
Dancer, Jose Barrios
Singer, Luis Vargas
Joined by Siempre Flamenco
Paco Fonta on Guitar and voice and Celia Fonta dancer

Colony Theater
1040 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139


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